Our association of homeowners is dedicated to maintaining a safe and beautiful area for our approximately 500 families to enjoy. We are a nonprofit organization that is continuously working with the city of Albuquerque and with each other to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. 

Annual Dues!  Become a Member!  Get Involved!
Join RSNA. Send the membership form you received in the newsletter to PO Box 65990, Albuquerque, NM 87193. You can also download the membership form here.  

We use the funds to help purchase equipment and pay for a professional company to spray the common areas. Since we only have limited funds, all the landscape cleanup and work is done by our neighbors, but if we were able to collect more dues, we could actually pay for a company to come out and complete this work for us. But for now, please remember homeowners are responsible for the area behind and around your property.

Be a part of a great neighborhood. Looking forward to hearing from you!
If you have any questions, please email them to board@abqrsna.com
Albuquerque Police Department Recognition
It is that time of year again for us to recognize APD and their hard work. Our neighborhood members can donate gift cards that will be awarded to to police officers by Commander Dodi Camacho for special recognition. Smaller increments in amounts of $10.00 and $15.00 gift cards are preferred. The event is October 2nd from 11:30 to 4:30 at the substation if you would like to attend. Read more...

Gift cards can be dropped off to Debbie Cox by Wednesday, September 30th.  Please contact Debbie at debracox62@comcast.net to schedule a time to drop off your contributions. You all have been so gracious in years past and hope you can do that again. The donations are truly appreciated.

Dam Update

Work on the dam is progressing nicely and will probably be done in October, 2015. There should not be any more large construction vehicles, but only smaller trucks to finish up the work. 

There are several new cement structures around the dam area. Each will have fencing at the bottom to collect trash and debris during rains. Access roads alongside each structure will be used by the city to clean out garbage as it accumulates. 

There are two entrances to the dam area to note. The first is a new entrance being installed at the west side at Rancho Sereno, which will allow access via stroller, bike etc. The second is a new entrance off Rancho Centro where you can access the dam. All of the roads created during construction have been re-seeded, so walking will be more difficult once the growth fills in. While it's a shame to lose this area to walk, it is necessary to keep dust to a minimum. The trees will continue to have a high canopy to help prevent unwanted and homeless activity. None of the changes will affect the function of the dam and water will still fill up in the dam like normal during heavy rainstorms.

Kevin from the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA) has offered to give an informational tour if there is enough interest. If you are interested in the tour, please contact Debbie Cox debracox62@comcast.net         

Lastly, if you notice graffiti anywhere around the dam area, please contact the City of Albuquerque at 311.
Spraying and Trimming

We will have a professional landscaper trim neighborhood shrubbery early in October. Fortunately, we were able  to find a contractor who will perform the work without a long-term contract.

A professional will spray for weeds on September 23, 2015.  Reminder, the spray is for common areas, and you are responsible for your own property. If you feel your neighbor is not keeping up with weed problems, call the City of Albuquerque at 311.

This work is an example of your dues at work so please keep sending those in! It would be nice to make spraying and trimming ongoing tasks and not worry about where the money will come from to fund these items.