Our association of homeowners is dedicated to maintaining a safe and beautiful area for our approximately 500 families to enjoy. We are a nonprofit organization that is continuously working with the city of Albuquerque and with each other to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. 

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Join RSNA. Send the membership form you received in the newsletter to PO Box 65990, Albuquerque, NM 87193. You can also download the membership form here.  

Spraying and Trimming
We use the funds to help purchase equipment and pay for a professional company to spray the common areas. Since we only have limited funds, all the landscape cleanup and work is done by our neighbors, but if we were able to collect more dues, we could actually pay for a company to come out and complete this work for us. But for now, please remember homeowners are responsible for the area behind and around your property.

Be a part of a great neighborhood. Looking forward to hearing from you!
If you have any questions, please email them to board@abqrsna.com
Building the Rancho Sereno Neighborhood Association Email List
Please email Debbie Cox debracox62@comcast.net and let her know your mailing address and the email address(es) where you would like to receive neighborhood news. Debbie does an excellent job of keeping us all up to date with important news. Thanks Debbie!
 The Piedras Marcadas Dam Storm Drain Inlet Water Quality Structures were built in 2014 to capture trash and debris from the storm drains before the water enters the dam pool.  These storm drains collect water from the surrounding neighborhoods.  These facilities will continue to function even with trash in the capture basin.  This trash retention results in decreased maintenance costs for the dam.  If you have any questions regarding the Piedras Marcadas Dam or the Inlet Water Quality Structures, please feel free to contact AMAFCA at 884-2215. 

Bhrett Bouloy, Eagle Scout from Albuquerque, wanted to give back to his neighborhood where he grew up.  On May 5, 2018, Bhrett organized fellow friends and Eagle Scouts to complete an erosion control project.  By improving the grade, laying pavement and adding native plants, this steep section of the the walking trail around the Piedra Marcadas Dam is safer and more pleasant to use.

 Bhrett attended Petroglyph Elementary, LBJ Middle School and is graduating in May from Volcano Vista High School.  He will attend UNM in the fall.  

We are so appreciative that Bhrett chose this project.  Thank you!  We appreciate your service! 
The Rancho Sereno Neighborhood is featured in the 
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