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Come Join us on Nextdoor!
Have you heard of Nextdoor yet?  It is a social media site that allows you to communicate with those in your neighborhood.  It is sort of like Facebook, but for the Neighborhood.  It is very easy to navigate and it allows for all types of communication.  From Public Safety, Crime Alerts, Suspcious Activity, Neighborhood Kids needing summer jobs, someone selling something etc.  But just from our area.  Here is a  link  to get started.  You will already find several of your neighbors on here I bet.  Give it a try.  Next Door
Neighborhood Ordinances - Click  here  for detailed information

When you are out enjoying an early morning or evening stroll, take along a small trash bag and pull a few weeds in your area. We have made huge strides in reducing weeds by having a bi-annual spraying done by a professional company, but we can kick it up a notch by just doing our part each and every day.

The parking of recreational vehicles (driveways or not) is prohibited

Mutt Mitt Stations Are Now Here!
Collection bags are at the three new doggie poop stations.
Please use them!
Volunteers pick up the bags for trash collection and re-supply the stations. Please do not leave dog droppings on the sidewalks, the trails, the rocks adjacent to sidewalks, etc. Be a responsible pet owner and considerate of the homeowners who must pick up dogie poop left by your dogs or the trail users who must sidestep the  
The appearance of our neighborhood does send a message to visitors as to our willingness to tolerate graffiti, vandalism and/or mischief. So let’s all work together to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. Report graffiti by calling 311 or check the  City of Albuquerque web site

Map view of our neighborhood.